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Tuvana Hotel is an Ottoman and rustic style decorated luxury boutique hotel located in oldcity kaleici Antalya.


Boasting the classification of "Special Class Hotel", Tuvana Hotel is an oasis of relaxation and quiescence, ensconced in the heart of the historical Mediterranean metropolis of Antalya. The Tuvana Hotel, chosen the most romantic hotel of the world in 2011, was once the house of a successful Ottoman officer, Abdi Efendi, and the centre of prestigious imperial visits during the early 18th century. Now it has been transformed into a distinguished boutique hotel, surrounded by orange, plum, tangerine and pomegranate trees, creating a fragrantly nonpareil atmosphere and managed by ancestors of Abdi Efendi, with whom you can meet during your stay in the hotel and enjoy their hospitality.

Adres: Tuzcular Mh., Karanlık Sk. No:18, 07100 Muratpaşa / Kaleiçi/Antalya, Türkiye
Telefon: (0242) 247 6015

Ottoman charm, beautifully restored residences and courteous service.
5 12 yıl önce (13-07-2013)
Ersteindruck nach 1 Stunde: rundum zum wohlfühlen. Kleines gemütliches Hotel mit genialem Chillout Garten neben dem sehr kleinem Pool.
4 13 yıl önce (28-06-2012)
city location
3 9 yıl önce (11-12-2015)
2 11 yıl önce (21-10-2013)
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