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Adana Yeşiloba Hippodrome is a horse racing track located at the Yeşiloba neighborhood of the Seyhan district of the city Adana.HistoryHorse racing started in Adana in 1962 at a race course near the Şakirpaşa Airport. Short after the race course moved to its current location to a 66.6 hectare land area. At the opening, there was only the sand track which still serves today. The turf track was completed in 1996 and started hosting competitions in the spring of 1998. Besides the two tracks, training track was opened in fall 2000. There are currently 3 tracks at the race course.The second spectator stands which has a 3000-seater capacity was opened in January, 1999.Physical attributesThe race course covers an area of 66.6ha consisting of facilities for racing, training and barns. The race course has three interleaved tracks as: a 1800m long and 25m wide sand oval,a 1600m long and 20m wide turf oval for all-weather racing anda 1400m long and 15m wide sand oval for training. There are two spectator stands, newer one being a 3-storey, 3000-seater modern structure. Within the complex there are also a 5 restaurants, food vendors, a playground for children and a haflinger paddock. An area of more than 1 hectare is set as a recreational area for visitors.There are 5 pony barns at the race course, also an oat storage and a horseshoer. At the pension area, there are 1260 barns and a modern horse hospital that accommodates a surgery unit. Also at this area there is a shopping and services area.TransportationYeşiloba Hippodrome can be accessed by Barkal minibuses from downtown of Adana, and by TOK and Koç minibuses from Tarsus and Mersin.

Adres: 01000 Adana

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